Information on Midterm

The midterm for in-class students will be held during the 8th week of class on Tuesday, March 4.

The midterm for CAETE students needs to be taken by Tuesday, March 11th (9th week of class).

The exam is "in-class" and will be closed book, closed notes.

I will spend the Thursday lecture of week 7 (Feb. 28th) reviewing for the midterm.

For CAETE students, I'll be giving the exam to CAETE by the end of week 7. They will then send it out to the test proctor of each CAETE student. Each CAETE student should make arrangements with their test proctor to take the exam by March 11th. The proctor then needs to put your exam in the mail to me (with a postmark of March 11th) using the following address:

Prof. Kenneth M. Anderson
University of Colorado
Department of Computer Science
430 UCB
Boulder CO 80309-0430

Any questions? Send them to Prof. Anderson.

Kenneth M. Anderson, 2008.