The grades for the design assignment have now been posted. The grades table now shows a column for total number of points received, plus a column that shows the percentage that score represents towards the total number of points in the class (currently 490 points, after the implementation assignment, the total will rise to 615 points.

Some students have more points than the total number of points so far. How is this possible? It is a result of a decision I made with respect to how to factor in the reviews. A ✓ provides one point of extra credit. A plus provides 5 points of extra credit. A student who received even a fair number of pluses, will see a noticeable boost to their overall score. Note: I still reserve the right to use the reviews as a way to negatively impact a grade: it isn't fair to the students who worked on all ten reviews to not have a penalty associated with students who blew off all or most of the reviews.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Kenneth M. Anderson, 2008.