Availability of Lectures

I've been getting LOTS of requests from in-class students to have permission to view lectures on-line (and thereby skip attending class in person). While I agree that it would certainly be more convenient for individuals, I think it hurts the class. You need to attend class and participate: ask me questions, engage in discussions, read the book and come to lecture with specific questions about that material, etc. An active classroom will make the overall course more interesting for you, for me, and the rest of the students.

Having said that, its NOT possible to view the lectures of this class on-line in the first place. We are not using Tegrity to record the lectures for this class because I prepare/present my lectures on a Mac, and Tegrity's software doesn't play nice on MacOS X. As a result, all CAETE students are registered as DVD only, and receive DVDs of week 1's lectures in week 2, week 2's lectures in week 3, etc. However, CAETE does make a copy of these DVDs available to in-class students at the Math Library. So, if you miss a lecture, you can go to the Math Library, check out the DVD for that lecture, view it at the library, and then return it.

CAETE is looking for lecture capture software that works with MacOS X, so this situation may change later in the semester. If so, I'll revisit this issue at that time.

Kenneth M. Anderson, 2008.