Project 4: Implementation

In this phase of the project, you will implement the software system described in your requirements and design documents.

The first step in this assignment is to contact me by e-mail and send me a list of the features that you think your team can implement by 2 PM, Thursday, May 1st. (This deadline does NOT apply to our two single-person CAETE teams. Those teams should contact me separately to arrange a due date during Finals week.) Your list of features should be in terms of the requirements and/or use cases that you have created in previous assignments. I will respond to this message and either agree or suggest small changes to the scope of the prototype.

Once we have reached agreement, your team should begin to implement the software design. As you build your software prototype, please keep track of the ways your requirements and design artifacts helped you during implementation. In addition, keep track of issues that arose in implementation that were not addressed by the work you did during the requirements and design phases. Finally, keep track of what you wanted to achieve (functionality wise) and what you actually achieved. All of this information should be placed in a document that you can call the Implementation Tracker.

Your team is required to produce the following deliverables:

  1. a prototype system that you can demo to the professor
  2. a final FSP specification for your system that models (as best as possible) the concurrent behavior that your system actually implements
  3. your implementation tracker
  4. updated architecture and class diagrams that reflect the implemented system

With respect to the first deliverable, there is no need to submit the source code and/or binary of your prototype to me directly. Instead, the last class session will be devoted to the team's meeting with me to demo their produced prototypes. (Note: this represents a slight change in plans with respect to my intentions and with what I've announced in class. I have decided to have the entire class “done” by the last day of class, freeing you up to work on your other classes during Finals week.) Note: this requirement does not apply to our two single-person CAETE teams. You will need to work with me to arrange a demo via finals week, perhaps by sending your code to me and then talking me through a demo over the phone.

Due Date: For all teams with in-class students, all deliverables are due by the last class session on Thursday, May 1st.

This assignment is worth 125 points. As with previous class-project assignments, 25 points of the assignment depend on the evaluations you receive from your teammates.

Questions or Concerns? Send me e-mail.

Kenneth M. Anderson, 2008.