Homework 3

Create solutions to the following problems in the Concurrency textbook:

4.2, 5.4, 6.1

Place the FSP specifications and the Java code for question 5.4 that you create for these problems in a PDF or text file and upload to the moodle. (If Java is not your primary language, still attempt to code the monitor in Java for question 5.4, using the rules and examples in chapter 5 as examples to guide you.)

Due date for in-class students: 11:55 PM on April 3rd

Due date for CAETE students: 11:55 PM on April 10th

You may work in teams on these assignment. If you do, each student should upload a copy of their answers to the moodle. If you work on a team, be sure to list the names of your team members on your assignment.

If you have any questions, send them to Dr. Anderson by e-mail or come to his office hours.

This homework is worth 30 points, 10 points per question.

Kenneth M. Anderson, 2007.