Class Project: Software Implementation

In this phase of the project, you will implement the software system described in  your requirements and design documents.

The first step in this assignment is to contact me by e-mail and send me a list of the features that you think your team can implement in two weeks. (Your list of features should be in terms of the requirements and/or use cases that you have created in previous assignments.) I will respond to this message and either agree or suggest small changes to the scope of the prototype.

Once we have reached agreement, your team should begin to implement the software design. As you build your software prototype, please keep track of the ways your requirements and design artifacts helped you during implementation. In addition, keep track of issues that arose in implementation that were not addressed by the work you did during the requirements and design phases. This information should be placed in a document that you can call the "Implementation  Tracker".

Your team is required to produce the following "deliverables":

1. a prototype system that you can demo to the professor

2. a final FSP specification for your system that models (as best as possible) the concurrent behavior that your system actually achieves

3. your implementation tracker

4. If you update and/or change the artifacts that you created during the requirements or design portions of the class project, be sure to include the updated artifact and a description of what you changed and why.

With respect to 1, if you are going to meet with me to demo your system, there is no need to submit the source code or binary of your prototype. You can also skip submitting source code/binaries if you plan to have a "live" version of the prototype accessible via the Web. Otherwise, if you are unable to meet with me or provide me with online access to the system, then you should plan to submit your source code with the other three deliverables and provide me with instructions on how to build your software system.

Due Date: There is no exact due date for this assignment as each in-class team needs to schedule a meeting with me during Finals week to give a demo of their final system. The last day to schedule a demo for in-class teams is May 10th. The last day to schedule a demo (or submit your deliverables) for a CAETE-based team is May 17th.

This assignment is worth 100 points.

Please submit your deliverables as a PDF document or within a .zip or .tar archive to the moodle by the time of your demo or no later than 11:55 PM on the dates mentioned above.

You may also create your assignment as a set of HTML pages. If so, you should submit a small text file to the moodle that contains the URL of the "home page" of your assignment.

Contact Professor Anderson if you have any questions or concerns about this assignment.

Kenneth M. Anderson, 2007.