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CSCI 5828 Homework 5: Program Dependence Graphs

In-Class Due Date: Lecture 19, March 21, 2000

CATECS Due Date: March 28, 2000

Format for Assignment: Hardcopy or PDF/Postscript attachment via e-mail


Part 1

For this assignment, create a program dependence graph for example 6.2 in the Ghezzi textbook (page 261). First, create a control flow graph for the procedure. Then create a control dependence graph from the control flow graph. Finally, add data dependence arcs for the following variables: bottom, middle, and top. To keep the final graph clear, you are allowed to create three separate program dependence graphs, one for each variable. That means, you would turn in five separate graphs, one control flow graph, one control dependence graph, and three program dependence graphs.

Part 2

Assume that a failure occurred on the second if statement:

if key <= table(middle) then

How would you use the program dependence graph to guide your debugging efforts?

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