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CSCI 5828 Homework 4: Algebraic Specifications

In-Class Due Date: Lecture 15, March 7, 2000

CATECS Due Date: March 14, 2000

Format for Assignment: Plain ASCII text, in the body of an e-mail message


For this assignment, you are to complete the algebraic specification for the abstract data type, shown below, by providing the axioms that define their semantics. Note: Has returns TRUE if the given set contains the given item. Cardinality returns the number of elements contained within the set. An empty set contains zero elements.

algebra SetOfItem

imports Boolean, Integer;
sorts Set, Item;
Create: -> Set;
Add: Set x Item -> Set;
Remove: Set x Item -> Set;
Has: Set x Item -> Boolean
IsEmpty: Set -> Boolean
Cardinality: Set -> Integer;
constrains Create, Add, Remove, Has, IsEmpty, Cardinality so that SetOfItem generated by [Create, Add]
for all [s : SetOfItem, i, j: Item]
end SetOfItem

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