CSCI 5828

Foundations of Software Engineering

Course Location
   1B 28

Course Time
   Tuesday and Thursday
   11:00 AM - 12:15 PM

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Course Assessment

CSCI 5828 features two major assessment categories: a 10 page paper on Fred Brooks' The Mythical Man Month, and a Semester project (equivalent to a 25 page paper).

The breakdown for the project and the paper is allocated as follows:

Category Percentage
Semester Project 70
Fred Brooks Paper 30
Total 100

In addition, a set of homeworks will be given. These homeworks will be evaluted as follows: plus (excellent work), check (satisfactory work), minus (incomplete or unsatisfactory work). Homeworks are then used to "fine-tune" the final grade in the class, in the following way. For every two plus assignments, the final grade is raised a "step", e.g. from a "B+" to an "A-". For every two minus assignments, the final grade will be lowered a "step".

Please let me know if you have any questions concerning these assessment criteria. I will try to answer all questions and post relevant updates here. If this page is updated, I will announce the change on the What's New page.

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