Homework 7


Homework 7 completes our work on the semester project. Over the course of Week 14 and Week 15, your team needs to finalize its work on the semester project by completing as many of your remaining user stories and tasks as you can and polishing the presentation and functionality of your prototype.

Below is a list of tasks identifying work that should be done over the course of the iteration. Most tasks identify a deliverable that Prof. Anderson will review when grading your efforts for this assignment.


  • 1. Continue work on all previously assigned project requirements: a) completing and tracking user stories and tasks; b) updating iteration and daily burn down charts; c) updating your wiki pages with final project status, iteration planning and design details, and d) deploying your final prototype at the end of the iteration.

  • 2. With respect to implementation priorities:

    • All project/application submission and project browsing features need to be complete.
    • The student to project assignment features should be fleshed out and finalized; this includes automatically assigning students to projects as well as allowing College staff members to override auto-assignments as well as make their own assignments manually.
    • You should ensure that your system allows a College staff member to export the current set of assignments to a spreadsheet. This spreadsheet should be in a format similar to the matrix which shows students in rows and projects as columns with cells showing which assignments have been made.


You should have a user interface implemented that allows staff members to review existing assignments, make new ones, override existing assignments, ask for the auto-assign feature to be run again (respecting any overrides) and any other feature that you think would aid the staff in finishing the assignments.

Refer back to the initial requirements document for information on the types of rules that can be brought to bear on the matching process. Note: having realistic data in your database will be crucial for your matching process to work.

Send me questions for the client via e-mail and I'll try to get answers posted in a timely fashion to enable progress on your software prototypes.


The fourth and final iteration is due by Thursday, December 8, 2016. By that time, you should have completed the tasks above and be ready to demo your software prototype during lecture on that day. Prof. Anderson will also review your final set of user stories, your wiki documentation, your charts, your progress summary, and your prototype when determining your grade for this assignment.

Demo Details: Teams must be prepared to use Prof. Anderson's laptop to demo their system. Each team will have five minutes to do their demo. This means that you should develop a script and know exactly what you are going to show and in what order. Your demo shouldn't try to include every possible feature but instead give a sense for the system by showing off one or two of the main features. For instance, you might demonstrate the project browser and then demonstrate features related to the assignment of students to projects. Or, you might want to demonstrate the features related to creating projects and exporting the results of the selection process to a spreadsheet. What you demonstrate is up to your team... just make sure you know what you're going to do, in what order, and keep it to five minutes.

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