Homework 5


Homework 5 continues our work on the semester project. Over the course of Week 10 and Week 11, your team needs to continue its work on the semester project by completing existing user stories and tasks, identifying new user stories and tasks, and fleshing out the functionality of your prototype.

Below is a list of tasks identifying work that should be done over the course of the iteration. Most tasks identify a deliverable that Prof. Anderson will review when grading your efforts for this assignment.


  • 1. Continue work on all previously assigned project requirements: creating, completing, and tracking user stories and tasks; creating iteration and daily burn down charts; updating your wiki pages with iteration planning and design details, deploying your latest prototype at the end of each iteration, etc.

  • 2. In the wiki portion of your GitHub repo, create a page that documents (for each iteration) your progress: what did you accomplish during this iteration? What new features does your prototype have? What bugs or other issues did you fix this iteration? etc.; name this page Progress Report.

  • 3. With respect to implementation priorities:

    • the client would like to see the faculty project submission page and the student submission page be substantially fleshed out and functional.
    • Have a team member enter project information from the SampleDLAMatrix.xlsx spreadsheet located on the class's GitHub repo to test the functionality of the faculty submission page and to give you real data that you can use to test your student submission page and project list page. This will require that your database has the ability to store all of this data and that you can query it, search it, sort it, etc. It will also make sure that any usability problems with your form will be discovered and addressed: it shouldn't take too long entering project entries by hand to identify usability issues!

      Optional: Bonus points for implementing a feature that lets you upload the project information contained in this spreadsheet in some fashion; this would ensure that you are able to test your application on all of the projects that were submitted last year! You would NOT deploy this feature in the final prototype but it would certainly be useful to your team to facilitate testing of the other parts of the system.

    • Implement the full functionality of the project list feature. Recall that the exisiting DLA Application allows students to browse projects in two different ways. Your prototype should support at least those two configurations but can add additional browsing functionality: sorting, searching, filtering, etc.
    • All of this work is in preparation for focusing on the matrix and the matching students to project process over the course of the last two iterations. If you have time during this iteration to start planning for the display of the matrix, then do so. Otherwise, don't worry about it, as you'll be focusing on that part of the application in the next iteration.


The third iteration is due by Friday, November 4th. By that time, you should have completed the tasks above. Prof. Anderson will review your user stories, your wiki documentation, your charts, your progress summary, and your prototype and then provide feedback.

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