Working in Groups

I have received this question a number of times so I thought I would answer it for the entire class:

Do groups turning in just one copy of the homework assignment with all the names of the people that were in the group or does each member of the group submit the same assignment?

The answer: The former. The group turns in just one homework assignment and lists the members of the group that produced it. I expect to see a bit more completness to homework done in this fashion, as you will be able to draw on the resources of more than one person while creating the assignment that is submitted.

Another question I'm receiving is:

Do we have to work with the same group on every homework or can we change the membership from time to time?

The answer: I expect group membership to be fairly static over time. That is, I don't expect group membership to shift much over time. Indeed, once the project gets started after the midterm, I will want groups to remain the same for the rest of the semester.

© Kenneth M. Anderson, 2011