Studying for the Midterm

If you want to get started early on studying for the midterm, you should know that all content from lectures 1-13 and chapters 1-11 of the textbook can appear on the textbook. However, I will emphasize content from lectures 1-9 and the textbook more than the content in lectures 10-13. (You should be familiar with the latter but really know the former.) Look at the homeworks for examples of the types of problems that will appear:

  • Memorization of important terms and concepts such as polymorphism, inheritance, code to an interface, abstraction, encapsulation, etc.
  • Ability to apply the important concepts when answering “short answer” questions such as those found in the homeworks.
  • Ability to draw UML diagrams based on textual descriptions: UML notation introduced over several of the lectures during the first few weeks of class.
  • Abiliity to demonsrate undrestanding of the design patterns that have been covered and to apply knowlege of them to example problems.
  • Abiliity to construct a use case from requirements and a task description and to convert that use case to an activity diagram or sequence diagram.
  • This list is not exhaustive and shouldn't come as a surprise as they reference the primary things we've been learning about this semester!

© Kenneth M. Anderson, 2011