Semester Project

Students are required to group themselves into teams of 2 to 4 people to work on a semester project during the last half of the semester. Project-related assignments will appear as Homework assignments beginning the week after the midterm. Please send Prof. Anderson the members of your team by the end of Week 7, which is Friday, February 25. (Single person “teams“ will be accepted in some cases, but it will not be easy.)

Your team should also work together to develop a project idea. The project idea should concern itself with at least one of the application architectures below:

  • a mobile application designed to run on iOS, Android or Windows Phone 7
  • a web service designed to be consumed by a mobile application running on one of the three platforms listed above. In this case, your team should plan on implementing a simple client that can display the output generated by the web service in some fashion (but more than just displaying the JSON or XML that the service generates).
  • a web application that is designed to be displayed in a mobile web browser (such as Safari, Firefox, and Opera on iOS or Browser, Firefox and Opera on Android or the browser on Windows Phone 7). In this situation, you will want to test your web application on these browsers either running on an actual device or within the emulator for that platform.

The last two options above allow teams to work on projects that make use of OO web frameworks such as Django, Ruby on Rails, .Net, Java Server Pages, etc. rather than building a mobile application.

What your mobile app, web service, or web application does is up to you. It could be a game or a personal information manager or a database of some type. Whatever it is, it should be possible to create a non-trivial set of classes and services that make use of design patterns and provide a nice set of functionality to the end-user.

Project ideas are due to Prof. Anderson by the beginning of Week 8 which is Monday, February 28th. This is a hard deadline as it will give me time to examine the scope of each project and ensure that it matches team size. That is, I will be expecting more of a 4 person team than a 2 person team and so I will want a chance to review your project ideas and to iterate on scope.

The goal is to have every student in class assigned to a project team with a clear project topic by the end of Week 8 which is Friday, March 4th.

© Kenneth M. Anderson, 2011