Homework 9

Homework 9 asks you to complete the work on your semester project. There are two required deliverables:

  1. A report that documents the final state of your system: what features were implemented and a class diagram showing the final set of classes and relationships of the system. In addition, the report must discuss how the final system changed from the design you presented in homework 6. In particular, include the class diagram you submitted for homework 6 and use it to compare and contrast with the class diagram that represents the final state of the system. What have you learned about the process of analysis and design now that you have stepped through the process to create, design and implement a system in five weeks?
  2. A demo of the final system. Teams should arrange to meet with Professor Anderson by Friday, April 29th to demo your prototype. If you are a CAETE student who does not regularly come to campus (or is unable to come to campus) then contact Prof. Anderson to discuss options.

With respect to the demos: I will strive to make myself available throughout the final week of the semester to meet with you. If you're team is in good shape and can meet before the 29th, then please do so. Otherwise, I'm planning to make myself available all day on Friday, April 29th to meet with students and see demos.

Grading: This assignment is worth 100 points. 50 points for the report and 50 points for the demo.

Note: You may turn in your report to me at your project demo or, if you'd like to give the demo before the report is ready, you can do so. In that case, the report is due no later than 11:59 PM on Friday, April 29th.

Finally, if a team would like to present their demo to the rest of the class during one of the final two lectures, let me know and I'll work with you to schedule your demo during those times.

Any questions? Send them to Prof. Anderson

© Kenneth M. Anderson, 2011