Homework 8

For homework 8, submit a progress report on implementing your software prototype. This assignment is worth 25 points and should include the following information.

Summary: Textual description of the work done this week on the project and (in the case of multi-person teams) the breakdown of work across team members. Provide an estimate of how much more work needs to be done for you to have implemented the design that you presented in Homework 6. In addition, now that you have more of your system implemented please describe if you have been able to incorporate the use of design patterns into your prototype. If so, describe the patterns you have incorporated into your design and how they are helping you.

Class Diagram: A class diagram that shows the classes that have been implemented so far and their relationships to one another.

Plans for next iteration: What are your plans for the next iteration. What do you plan to have done by April 22nd?

This progress report is due by 11:59 PM on Friday, April 15th.

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