My Students

Current Students (CU)

Name Degree Topic Expected Graduation

Past Students (CU)

Name Degree Topic Graduated
Hiba Fayoumi M.S. Cramer-Shoup Cryptosystem Summer 2004
Mary T. Hedges M.S. Elliptic Curves and Identity-Based Cryptography Summer 2006
Joseph P. Dunn Ph.D. SafeShare: Secure File Sharing Across Trust Boundaries Summer 2007
Martin J. Cochran Ph.D. Cryptographic Hashing Summer 2008
Carlos Tafoya M.S. CryptKeeper: A Graphical Crypto Toolkit Spring 2011
Krisztina Vanyi M.S. Lattice-Based Cryptography Spring 2011
Jared Nishikawa Ph.D. Cryptographic Hash Functions Spring 2016

Past Students (UNR)

Name Degree Topic Graduated
Rakhi Motwani M.S. Document Watermarking Spring 2002
Scott Fritzinger M.S. Distributed Denial of Service Summer 2002
Hector Urtubia M.S. Cryptanalysis and Network Switch Security Spring 2003

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