CSCI 4830/7000 - Ethical Hacking Seminar - Spring 2011

Graduate Project

Apr 05, 2011

Term Project -- Graduate Students Only

Undergraduates are not required to do this. Grads have three options, listed below.

Regardless of what option you choose, you must make a decision and have it approved by me by Fri, 4/15. By Tuesday, 5/3, you must submit a document which summarizes the contents of the paper. You do not have to do an oral presentation of the paper.

Read all three options. Options 2 and 3 have write-ups along the same lines as option 1. Let me know if you have questions.

Term Projects are solo efforts... no teams.

Option 1: Read a paper, write a report

You can read a paper and write a short report on it. I am open to most any security-related paper provided it has a "hacking" theme to it (ie, I don't want theoretical papers). I strongly prefer that you select one from here.

This isn't meant to be a hard project. It shouldn't take more than a few days to complete. After you have selected a paper, read it, study it, look up references if you have to, or come to me if you cannot understand some central part of it. Then write your report. Here are the requirements:

Option 2: Study a Security Tool, write a report

Peruse the web or BT and find a tool that captures your interest. Write it up along the same lines as the paper report. This must be a non-trivial effort to study and understand a tool, not a regurgitation of the documentation.

Option 3: Perform a Security Analysis, write it up

I will supply you with a VM with a vulnerable image. You break it in every way that you can and write up your findings. This is the hardest option of the three because of the time investment you will need to dedicate.