CSCI 4830/7000 - Ethical Hacking Seminar - Spring 2011

Course Information Sheet

Jan 11, 2011

You are responsible for everything on this handout. Please read it.

What's This Course About??

This is a hands-on course about computer security. We won't draw many boundaries on the coverage of topics... anything from very low-level kernel and hardware topics all the way up to web apps. We will certainly cover exploit techniques, but we might venture into rootkits and forensics as well. Almost nothing is off-limits.


MW 4:00pm-4:50pm (Room ECCR E118)



There will be occasional homeworks. There will be occasional quizzes. There will be live exercises (extra credit only).
Graduate students will additionally be required to complete a project. More details will be given later in the course.
Grade weights for undergrads: 45% homework, 45% quizzes, 10% class participation. For grads: 35% homework, 35% quizzes, 20% project, 10% class participation.


This is primarily a graduate course. We have it cross-listed as an undergraduate course so as not to exclude advanced undergraduates who are nearly finished or who have taken the initiative to learn substantially more than what their classes teach them.

Given the above, the prerequisites for this class are pretty severe: you should have at LEAST an undergraduate education in computer science. This means

Ideally, you will have some exposure and experience with the following as well: Finally, you have the heart of a hacker. That is, you are not afraid to dive in and learn something even if you know nothing about it. You love computers and technology and are willing to spend hours rooting out the tiniest details in order to find what you need.

There is no way any of us (myself included) have mastered everything in the list above. But students who find themselves with major gaps in the first list (basic CS background) are probably going to have a rough time in this class. If you want to do a self-assessment, try the hacking test at


Gray Hat Hacking

Course Web page

We will maintain useful information on the course web page:

Visit the above page regularly to see what's new. If you miss a handout, get it from here.

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