CSCI 7000: Cryptanalysis Seminar

Class Calendar -- Spring 2005

This page contains a record of what we've done in class, and sometimes includes the tentative schedule for the near-future.

Date Reading and Assignment Agenda
Jan 11 Tue Introduction and Group Theory
Jan 13 Thu HW1 Out More Group Theory, Euclid's Algorithm, Extended Euclid's
Jan 18 Tue Finish Group theory, Some simple Ciphers, RSA
Jan 20 Thu DES Internals
Jan 25 Tue Making DES linear and then breaking it
Jan 27 Thu No Class
Feb 01 Tue HW1 due Introduction to Differential Cryptanalysis
Feb 03 Thu HW2 out More differential cryptanalysis, 3 rounds of DES
Feb 08 Tue Read Handout on Diff Cryptanalysis Finish differential cryptanalysis, 6 rounds of DES
Feb 10 Thu Read first 20 pages of AES Spec Finite Fields
Feb 15 Tue Finite Rings, MDS codes
Feb 17 Thu AES
Feb 22 Tue HW2 due; HW3 out The Square Attack
Feb 24 Thu Intro to Cryptographic Hashing, Merkle-Damgard, BC-based hash functions
Mar 01 Tue Specialized attacks, Birthday attacks, van Oorschot/Wiener attack
Mar 03 Thu Differential Attack on MD4
Mar 08 Tue No Class
Mar 10 Thu HW3 Due; HW4 Out RSA attack overview; exponential factoring algorithms: trial division, Pollard's p-1, Pollard's rho method
Mar 15 Tue Landquist's Write-up of the Quadratic Sieve Quadratic Sieve
Mar 17 Thu Protocol Errors with RSA, factoring n using d, GCD Attack
Mar 22 Tue Spring Break
Mar 24 Thu Spring Break
Mar 29 Tue HW4 Due; HW5 Out Chinese Remainder Theorem and Hastad's Broadcast Attack
Mar 31 Thu Boneh's RSA Survey Continued Fractions and Wiener's Small Private Exponent Attack
Apr 05 Tue Coppersmith's Theorem
Apr 07 Thu Hauling Whiteboards!
Apr 12 Tue HW5 Due; HW6 Out Lattices and Basis Reduction with LLL
Apr 14 Thu No Class
Apr 19 Tue Gram-Schmidt and the LLL Algorithm
Apr 21 Thu Coppersmith's Theorem and Hastad's Attack
Apr 26 Tue Survey, Coppersmith Wrap-up, Plastic Dinosaurs, FCQs
Apr 28 Thu Side-Channel attack on CBC mode with CBC-PAD