CSCI 7000: Crypto Seminar

Class Calendar -- Spring 2003

This page contains a record of what we've done in class, and sometimes includes the tentative schedule for the near-future.

Date Reading and Assignment Agenda
Jan 14 Tue Probability Handout by Katz Introduction and Probability Theory
Jan 16 Thu Random Variables and Expectation
Jan 21 Tue HW1 Out Expectation and Occupancy Problems
Jan 23 Thu Introduction to Cryptography
Jan 28 Tue Information-Theoretic Security, One-time Pad
Jan 30 Thu Reading: DES Handout Complexity-Theoretic Security, Blocks Ciphers, DES
Feb 4 Tue HW1 Due; HW2 Out Security of DES, 2DES, 3DES, Rijndael
Feb 6 Thu Introduction to Groups
Feb 11 Tue No Class
Feb 13 Thu Read Sections 1-2 of Rijndael Spec More on Groups and Introduction to Fields
Feb 18 Tue Finite Fields
Feb 20 Thu Class Canceled
Feb 25 Tue HW2 due; HW3 out The Rijndael Block Cipher
Feb 27 Thu Reading: Sec 7 and 8.4 of Rijndael Spec Rijndael and the Square Attack
Mar 04 Tue Square Attack and Class Feedback
Mar 06 Thu Modes of Operation (CBC and CTR Modes)
Mar 11 Tue HW4 out Cryptographic Hash Functions
Mar 13 Thu HW3 due Hash Functions based on Block Ciphers and Intro to MACs
Mar 18 Tue Midterm Review
Mar 20 Thu Midterm
Mar 25 Tue Spring Break -- No Class
Mar 27 Thu Spring Break -- No Class
Apr 01 Tue HW5 out More Group Theory; Extended Euclid's Algorithm
Apr 03 Thu The RSA Cryptosystem
Apr 08 Tue Project Description Page More RSA (implementation issues)
Apr 10 Thu HW4 due for REAL Finding Primes, Digital Signatures
Apr 15 Tue Putting it all together: SSL/TLS
Apr 17 Thu More SSL/TLS
Apr 22 Tue IPSec: AH and ESP
Apr 24 Thu IPSec: Key distribution
Apr 29 Tue WEP and RC4
May 01 Thu HW5 due Finish WEP, FCQs, Final Review
May 6 Tue Projects Due Final Exam -- 10:30am to 1pm -- Comprehensive