CSCI 7000 -- Project Page

Each student should select a paper from the list below. If you prefer a paper not on this list, you must submit it for approval by me. The only real requirements for the paper you choose is that it is relevant to the course and it contains non-trivial material. After you have selected a paper, you must do the following:

The Report Itself

This isn't meant to be a hard project. It shouldn't take more than a day or two to complete. After you have selected a paper, read it, study it, look up references if you have to, or come to me if you cannot understand some central part of it. Then write your report. Here are the requirements:

The score on your report will be based on the difficulty of the paper you select (obviously choosing an easy paper means you wouldn't get as many "difficulty" points, but you can make up for this in other ways), clarity of the write-up, and the depth of your personal insights. I know, it's all very vague, isn't it?