CSCI 7000 - Ethical Hacking - Fall 2012

Homework #6

Due: Dec 5th, 2012 at 11am

We are skipping hw5 because we are short on time. This is hw6.

1. Complete levels 1 through 5 on blade.
You have an account on blade already, so go log in. You can find the challenges at http://blade/~level## where ## is 01 through 10. Submit your solutions at http://blade/~submission. This is also where you find out what you turn in to get credit. In order to submit, you need a "Permission Number" that you will need to select in class and give to me. If you're going to work in a group, you only need one Perm Number for the group. This Perm Number is supposed to be hard to guess so other students won't overwrite your submissions.

Contrary to the other challenges, for this one you will be able to easily abuse the environment once you break in to some of the levels. I ask you to respect the class and not ruin the challenge for others.

Note: You only need to document your exploit in a few sentences using the on-line tool. You do NOT need to turn anything in on paper.