CSCI 7000: Crypto Seminar

Class Calendar -- Fall 2006

This page contains a record of what we've done in class, and sometimes includes the tentative schedule for the near-future.

Date Reading and Assignment Agenda
Aug 29 Tue Overview Introduction
Aug 31 Thu RSA
Sep 05 Tue Implementation: Primality Testing, Modular Exponentiation
Sep 07 Thu Introduction to Lattices, Bases, Norm
Sep 12 Tue Inner Product Spaces, Orthogonal Bases, Gram-Schmidt
Sep 14 Thu More Gram-Schmidt, Hadamard's Inequality
Sep 19 Tue Intro to LLL, examples
Sep 21 Thu More LLL; analysis of correctness
Sep 26 Tue Factoring polynomials over fields, finite fields, Z, and Z/NZ
Sep 28 Thu Hastad's method of factoring over Z/NZ with N having unknown factorization
Oct 03 Tue Coppersmith's Theorem and LLL
Oct 05 Thu Low exponent RSA attacks