CS 7000 - Cryptography Seminar - Fall 2006

Course Information Sheet

You are responsible for everything on this handout. Please read it.

What's This Course About??

We'll review some basics of cryptography, then focus on lattices as they pertain to cryptography.


TR 11:00am-12:15pm (Room ECCR 108, Call Number 84679)



Grades will be based on class participation and talks given by students in the class.


This is a hard course to outline the prerequisites for. The best background you could have is the ability to think carefully and precisely in a mathematical context. Have some "mathematical maturity" would be greatly helpful.

Beyond this, having some knowledge about probability theory is useful, as is information theory, modern algebra, complexity theory, algorithms, linear algebra, and other items, but I will try and assume a minimum of this kind of material.


No Textbook. We will use several on-line resources as we progress through the class. You may choose to print these out if you work better that way.

Course Web page

We will maintain useful information on the course web page: http://www.cs.colorado.edu/~jrblack/class/csci7000/f06

Visit the above page regularly to see what's new. If you miss a handout, get it from here.

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