CSCI 7000: Crypto Seminar

Class Calendar -- Fall 2003

This page contains a record of what we've done in class, and sometimes includes the tentative schedule for the near-future.

Date Paper Agenda
Aug 25 Mon Intro to Cryptography (John) Introduction and Overview (John)
Aug 27 Wed Intro to Crypto Basics (John)
Sep 01 Mon Labor Day (No Class)
Sep 03 Wed Symmetric Key Notes Symmetric Key Cryptography (Jing)
Sep 08 Mon Groups and RSA The RSA Cryptosystem (Brian)
Sep 10 Wed RSA backdoors RSA and Backdoors (Brian)
Sep 15 Mon Shamir's secret-sharing Shamir's Secret Sharing Scheme (Curtis)
Sep 17 Weds Twenty years of attacks on the RSA cryptosystem RSA Security (Martin)
Sep 22 Mon Database Security Database Security (Mazdak)
Sep 24 Weds McEliece Cryptosystem Overview of the McEliece Cryptosystem (Mark)
Sep 29 Mon Why Johnny Can't Encrypt A Usability Study of PGP 5.0 (Jerry)
Oct 01 Weds Watermarking Paper Felten's Paper on Breaking Watermarks (Jing)
Oct 06 Mon Buffer Overruns A tutorial on buffer overruns by Aleph One (John)
Oct 08 Weds Diebold voting system analysis Flaws in the Diebold Voting system by the JHU team (Martin)
Oct 13 Mon Timelock Cryptography Rivest, Shamir, Wagner Paper on Timelock Crypto (Brian)
Oct 15 Weds Code Obfuscation van Oorschot's paper on Whitebox Cryptography (Curtis)
Oct 20 Mon Disposable credit-cards Disposable Credit Cards by Rubin and Wright (Jerry)
Oct 22 Weds DRM Paper Circumventing CD Copy Protection (Mazdak)
Oct 27 -- Nov 24 Three-Key Paper (John)
Dec 01 Mon TBC's [Liskov, Rivest, Wagner] Tweakable Block Ciphers (Martin)
Dec 03 Weds Searching Encrypted Data Searching on encrypted data [Song, Wagner, Perrig] (Curtis)
Dec 08 Mon Hash Funcs from Block Ciphers Hash Functions from Block Ciphers (Tom)
Dec 03 Weds Shor's Shor's Algorithm for Factoring (Mark)