CS 7000 - Cryptography Seminar - Fall 2003

Course Information Sheet

Aug 25, 2003

You are responsible for everything on this handout. Please read it.

What's This Course About??

This is a seminar course. We are going to explore various areas of cryptography by reading papers and presenting them in class. Ideally you will have had some exposure to the topic already; prime candidates are those students who took CSCI 7000 from me last semester or those who have had CSCI 6268 from me or Antonio Carzaniga.

The class will be small, informal, and hopefully stimulating.

There will be a few times when class will have to be rescheduled because I'm going to be traveling during the semester. Please keep this in mind and try to be flexible.


Mondays and Wednesdays from 3-4:15pm in ECCR 116



Everyone is expected to get an A. Attendance is required, though you can miss up to two classes without an excuse with no penalty. You will be required to read and present papers and to participate in group discussions.


No Textbook. We will use several on-line resources as we progress through the class. But mostly we'll be using papers from journals and conferences in cryptography.

Course Web page

We will maintain useful information on the course web page: http://www.cs.colorado.edu/~jrblack/class/csci7000/f03

Visit the above page regularly to see what's new. If you miss a handout, get it from here.