CSCI 6268: Foundations of Computer and Network Security

Class Calendar -- Fall 2007

This page contains a record of what we've done in class, and sometimes includes the tentative schedule for the near-future.

Date Reading/Assignment Agenda
Aug 27 Mon Introduction
Aug 29 Wed Economist Article What is Computer Security? Intro to Cryptography.
Aug 31 Fri Blockciphers
Sep 3 Mon Holiday -- No Class
Sep 5 Wed More Blockciphers
Sep 7 Fri Quiz #1 DES
Sep 10 Mon Double and Triple DES, AES
Sep 12 Wed Encryption Modes
Sep 14 Fri CTR Mode, Message Authentication
Sep 19 Wed HMAC and Hash Functions
Sep 21 Fri Public-Key Crypto and Math Basics
Sep 24 Mon RSA
Sep 26 Wed RSA and Security
Sep 28 Fri Quiz #2
Oct 1 Mon Factoring and RSA Implementation
Oct 3 Wed Digital Signatures
Oct 5 Fri SSL/TLS
Oct 8 Mon Certificates, X.509
Oct 10 Wed Certification Authorities and Project #1 Preview
Oct 12 Fri Network Security Introduction
Oct 15 Mon Class Canceled
Oct 17 Wed
Oct 19 Fri Project #0 Due Midterm Review
Oct 22 Mon Midterm Part 1
Oct 24 Wed Midterm Part 2
Oct 26 Fri Project #1 out; Reading: How to 0wn the Internet Viruses and Worms
Oct 29 Mon Midterm Solns
Oct 31 Wed Thompson's Lecture Viruses, Trojans, and Ken Thompson's Turing Award Lecture
Nov 1 Fri Gibson Story Denial of Service
Nov 5 Mon DDoS Prevention
Nov 7 Wed Traceback, Session Hijacking, Project #2 Preview
Nov 9 Fri Project #1 Due; Aleph One Writeup Buffer Overruns
Nov 12 Mon More Buffer Overruns
Nov 14 Wed Quiz #3
Nov 16 Fri No Class
Nov 26 Mon Finish Buffer Overruns
Dec 7 Fri No Class: Instructor Illness
Dec 10 Mon Project #2 Due The WEP Protocol
Dec 12 Wed ARP and DNS and Quiz #3 Solns
Dec 14 Fri Final Review
Dec 18 Tue Final Exam -- 7:30am-10am