CSCI 6268: Foundations of Computer and Network Security

Class Calendar -- Fall 2005

This page contains a record of what we've done in class, and sometimes includes the tentative schedule for the near-future.

Date Reading/Assignment Agenda
Aug 23 Tue Introduction
Aug 25 Thu Economist Article What is Computer Security? Intro to Cryptography.
Aug 30 Tue Assignment #0 -- Due Sep 6 Blockciphers and Their Security
Sep 1 Thu Symmetric Encryption
Sep 6 Tue Assignment #0 Due More Symmetric Encryption
Sep 8 Thu Quiz #1 Symmetric Authentication (MACs)
Sep 13 Tue Quiz #1 back More about MACs: CBCMAC, XCBC, UMAC, HMAC
Sep 15 Thu Hash Functions, Birthday bounds, Merkle-Damgaard, Recent Attacks
Sep 20 Tue No Class
Sep 22 Thu Asymmetric encryption; basic group theory
Sep 27 Tue Midterm #1
Sep 29 Thu Groups and RSA More Group Theory, RSA
Oct 4 Tue RSA, Prime Number Theory, OpenSSL
Oct 6 Thu Project #0 out More OpenSSL
Oct 11 Tue Quiz #2 SSL and CAs
Oct 13 Thu Fall Break -- No Class
Oct 18 Tue Quiz #2 back; Project #0 due CSRs and X.509 Certificates; Project #1 overview
Oct 20 Thu Project #1 out; Reading: How to 0wn the Internet Networking Refresher; Viruses
Oct 25 Tue Thompson's Lecture; Gibson Story Trojans; Denial of Service
Oct 27 Thu DDos Prevention
Nov 1 Tue Aleph One Writeup TCP Session Hijacking; Buffer Overruns intro
Nov 3 Thu Project #1 due; Project #2 out Buffer Overruns: techniques, shellcode
Nov 8 Tue Midterm #2
Nov 10 Thu MT2 Solns, finish buffer overruns
Nov 15 Tue Cracking the Internet Chess Club
Nov 17 Thu Ok, really finish buffer overruns; defensive measures
Nov 22 Tue
Nov 24 Thu Thanksgiving Break -- No Class
Nov 29 Tue Project #2 Due
Dec 1 Thu Quiz #3
Dec 6 Tue Case Study: CS Break-in, Forensics and Recovery
Dec 8 Thu Project #3 Due Final Exam Review
Dec 12 Mon Final Exam -- 4:30pm-7pm