CSCI 6268: Foundations of Computer and Network Security

Class Calendar -- Fall 2004

This page contains a record of what we've done in class, and sometimes includes the tentative schedule for the near-future.

Date Reading/Assignment Agenda
Aug 24 Tue Introduction
Aug 26 Thu Economist Article What is Computer Security? Intro to Cryptography.
Aug 31 Tue Assignment #0 -- Due Sep 7 Blockciphers and Their Security
Sep 2 Thu Symmetric Encryption
Sep 7 Tue Assignment #0 Due Symmetric Authentication (MACs)
Sep 9 Thu Quiz #1 Asymmetric encryption; basic group theory
Sep 14 Tue Return Quiz #1 The RSA cryptosystem
Sep 16 Thu Project #0 Out RSA signatures, OpenSSL
Sep 21 Tue Groups and RSA SSL/TLS, Certification Authorities, More OpenSSL
Sep 23 Thu Assignment #1 Networking Review
Sep 28 Tue Quiz #2; Project #1 Out Viruses and Worms
Sep 30 Thu Reading: How to 0wn the Internet Fall Break (no class)
Oct 5 Tue Project #0 Due; Assignment #1 Due; Reflections on Trusting Trust Viruses, Worms and Trojans
Oct 7 Thu Gibson DDoS Story Denial of Service
Oct 12 Tue IP Traceback, TCP Session Hijacking
Oct 14 Thu Midterm
Oct 19 Tue Project #1 Due; Project #2 out Project #2 discussion; Midterm solutions
Oct 21 Thu ICC Paper Security Flaws in the Internet Chess Club (Ryan Gardner)
Oct 26 Tue Aleph One Writeup Vulnerabilities I: Buffer Overruns
Oct 28 Thu Project #3 Out Finish Buffer Overruns
Nov 2 Tue Guarding against Buffer Overruns
Nov 4 Thu Quiz #3 Vulnerabilities II: Off-by-one errors
Nov 9 Tue Format String Write-up Heap overflows, Format Strings, Wrap-up Vulnerabilities
Nov 11 Thu XSS Paper Passwords, Web Security Overview, PHP, Javascript, XSS attacks
Nov 16 Tue WEP Paper Wireless Security
Nov 18 Thu WEP and RC4
Nov 23 Tue Project #2 Due; Quiz #4 Attacking ARP, DNS, Covert Channels
Nov 25 Thu Thanksgiving (no class)
Nov 30 Tue No Class
Dec 2 Thu Project #3 due Intrusion Detection
Dec 7 Tue Firewalls
Dec 9 Thu Final Review
Dec 13 Mon Final Exam -- 10:30am to 1pm