CSCI 4830: Network Security

Class Calendar -- Fall 2003

This page contains a record of what we've done in class, and sometimes includes the tentative schedule for the near-future.

Date Reading/Assignment Agenda
Aug 26 Tue Introduction
Aug 28 Thu Ch 1 Networking Overview
Sep 02 Tue Viruses and Worms
Sep 04 Thu Ch 2 Intro to Cryptography
Sep 09 Tue H/W #1 out Classical Crypto, Attack Models, Authentication Protocols
Sep 11 Thu Public-Key model, MACs, Digital Signatures
Sep 16 Tue H/W #1 due; Read Ch 3 Cryptographic Hashing, Block Ciphers
Sep 18 Thu Quiz #1 DES
Sep 23 Tue Review Quiz #1 DES and AES
Sep 25 Thu Ch 4 (skip 4.2.3, 4.2.4) Modes: ECB, CBC, and CTR
Sep 30 Tue MACs
Oct 02 Thu Fall Break (no class)
Oct 07 Tue H/W #2 due Buffer Overruns
Oct 09 Thu Quiz #2 Finish up Buffer Overruns
Oct 14 Tue Review Quiz #2, Quiz #3, Intro to OpenSSL
Oct 16 Thu Quiz #3 due; Quiz #4 out RSA Cryptosystem
Oct 21 Tue Midterm
Oct 23 Tue RSA Handout, Ch 6.3, 6.6 Quiz3 rehash, MT rehash, More RSA
Oct 28 Tue Finish RSA
Oct 30 Thu Signatures, PKI
Nov 04 Tue Hand Out Project Phase I Certificates and OpenSSL
Nov 06 Thu Quiz #5 Authenticated Encryption
Nov 11 Tue Proj Phase I due; DDoS Report Distributed Denial of Service
Nov 13 Thu No Class
Nov 18 Tue Project Phase Ib Out Project Chat; More DDoS
Nov 20 Thu Reflection Attacks; Ingress Filters; Session Hijacking; Traceback
Nov 25 Tue Project Phase Ib Due; Trusting Trust SYN Cookies; Backscatter; Trojans
Nov 27 Thu Thanksgiving -- No Class
Dec 02 Tue WEP Insecurities Paper Wireless Security
Dec 04 Thu WEP Key Cracking Write-up Attack on WEP
Dec 09 Tue Projects Due Firewalls
Dec 11 Thu Final Review
Dec 15 Mon Final Exam -- 7:30am to 10am