CSCI 4830 - Network Security - Fall 2003

Problem Set #1

Due: Feb 16th, 2003

Remember, this homework is not for turning in and it won't be graded. But you should definitely do it because the quizzes will typically depend on having solved the homework problems. On the "due" date listed above, I will hand out solutions.

1. Suppose you have a machine with a static IP address. Further suppose this IP address was blocked by a gaming site where you really wanted to play. Could you simply forge your IP address and gain access to the site?

2. Given the answer to #1, why are DoS attacks so successful when they forge their IP address?

3. Why do DoS attackers often send a 65536-byte packet to their victims?

4. What are the two things we allow an adversary to learn when he passively eavesdrops on an encrypted line?

5. Text problem 2.7.2 (pg 57)

6. Text problem 2.7.6 (pg 58)