CSCI 3104: Algorithms

Class Calendar -- Fall 2009

This page contains a record of what we've done in class, and sometimes includes the tentative schedule for the near-future.

Date Reading and Assignment Agenda
Aug 24 Mon Chapter 0 Introduction
Aug 26 Wed Chapter 1, Omit 1.5 Fibonacci Numbers, Complexity
Aug 28 Fri H/W #1 out Big-O and friends, Computer Arithmetic
Aug 31 Mon More Arithmetic; Modular Arithmetic
Sep 02 Wed Modular Exponentiation
Sep 04 Fri Euclid's Algorithm, Modular Inverses
Sep 07 Mon Labor Day -- No Class
Sep 09 Wed Euclid's Extended Algorithm and Modular Division
Sep 11 Fri HW #1 Due; HW #2 out; Read Ch 2 (omit 2.6) Primality Testing, Fermat's Little Theorem
Sep 14 Mon Generating Large Primes, Intro to Cryptography
Sep 16 Wed RSA
Sep 18 Fri Divide and Conquer
Sep 21 Mon Recurrences and the Master Theorem
Sep 23 Wed Selection
Sep 25 Fri HW #2 Due; HW #3 Out Review
Sep 28 Mon Midterm I
Sep 30 Wed Read Ch 3 Graphs
Oct 02 Fri DFS
Oct 05 Mon DFS on Digraphs and DAGs
Oct 07 Wed Cycles and Topological Sort
Oct 12 Mon Read Ch 4 BFS, Shortest-Paths
Oct 14 Wed Dijkstra's Algorithm
Oct 16 Fri Finish Dijkstra's Algorithm
Oct 19 Mon Negative Edge Weights
Oct 21 Wed Read Ch 5 (Omit 5.3) Bellman-Ford, SPs in a DAG, Longest Path
Oct 23 Fri Greedy Algorithms, MSTs
Oct 26Mon Kruskal's Algorithm
Oct 28 Wed Class Canceled due to Weather
Oct 30 Fri Disjoint Sets, Prim's
Nov 2 Mon MT Review
Nov 04 Wed Midterm II
Nov 06 Fri Compression, Huffman Codes
Nov 09 Mon Set Cover
Nov 11 Wed No Class
Nov 13 Fri Dynamic Programming -- Intro
Nov 16 Mon Edit Distance
Nov 18 Wed Knapsack
Nov 20 Fri Finish Knapsack
Nov 23 Mon No Class -- Fall Break
Nov 25 Wed No Class -- Fall Break
Nov 27 Fri No Class -- Fall Break
Nov 30 Mon Parallel Algorithms
Dec 2 Wed Finish MCM, All pairs SP, TSP
Dec 04 Fri Intro to NP
Dec 16 Wed Final Exam 7:30pm-10pm, Regular Classroom, Comprehensive