CSCI 3104: Algorithms

Class Calendar -- Fall 2008

This page contains a record of what we've done in class, and sometimes includes the tentative schedule for the near-future.

Date Reading and Assignment Agenda
Aug 26 Mon Chapter 0 Introduction
Aug 28 Wed Chapter 1, Omit 1.5 Induction, Algorithmic Efficiency
Aug 29 Fri Fibonacci Numbers, Big-O and friends
Sep 01 Mon Labor Day -- No Class
Sep 03 Wed Addition, Multiplication, Modular Arithmetic
Sep 05 Fri Modular Exponentiation
Sep 08 Mon HW #1 Due, HW #2 out Euclid's Algorithm
Sep 10 Wed Euclid's Extended Algorithm and Modular Division
Sep 12 Fri Primality Testing, Fermat's Little Theorem
Sep 15 Mon Read Ch 2 (omit 2.6) Generating Large Primes, Intro to Cryptography
Sep 17 Wed RSA
Sep 19 Fri Divide-and-Conquer: multiplying integers, the Master Theorem
Sep 22 Mon HW #2 Due, HW #3 Out Mergesort, Selection
Sep 24 Wed Read Ch 3 Finish Selection, Start Graphs
Sep 26 Fri Depth-First Search
Sep 29 Mon Read Ch 4 DFS on Digraphs and DAGs
Oct 1 Wed Cycles and Topological Sort
Oct 3 Fri Strongly-Connected Components
Oct 6 Mon HW #3 due BFS, Shortest-Paths
Oct 8 Wed Dijkstra's Algorithm
Oct 10 Fri Read Ch 5 (Omit 5.3) Finish Dijkstra's Algorithm, Bellman-Ford
Oct 13 Mon Negative-weight cycles, Greedy Algoriths, MSTs
Oct 15 Wed MT Review Session
Oct 17 Fri Midterm #1
Oct 20 Mon No Class
Oct 22 Wed Midterm Solns/Review
Oct 24 Fri MSTs, Disjoint Sets, Prim's Algorithm
Oct 27 Mon H/W #4 out Prim's Algorithm, Huffman Codes
Oct 29 Wed Set Cover Approximation
Oct 31 Fri Proof of Approximation Bound for Set Cover
Nov 3 Mon Intro to Dynamic Programming, Longest Inc Subsequences
Nov 5 Wed Edit Distance
Nov 7 Fri Knapsack
Nov 10 Mon H/W #4 due Matrix-Chain Multiplication
Nov 12 Wed H/W #5 out All-Pairs Shortest Paths (Floyd-Warshall)
Nov 14 Fri Traveling Salesman
Nov 17 Mon Independent Sets
Nov 19 Wed Read Ch. 8 Intro to NP Hardness
Nov 21 Fri H/W #5 due SAT and 3SAT
Nov 24 Mon No Class
Nov 26 Wed No Class
Nov 28 Fri No Class
Dec 01 Mon H/W #6 out More examples of NP-Hard problems; the sets P and NP
Dec 03 Wed Reductions
Dec 05 Fri
Dec 08 Mon
Dec 10 Wed H/W #6 due Final Review
Dec 12 Fri Midterm #2
Dec 13 Fri Final Exam 7:30pm-10pm, Regular Classroom, Comprehensive