CS 2270 -- Data Structures

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Ways to get the Textbook

The simplest way to get the books is to buy them at the bookstore. They are about $45 (for B&S) and $126 (for G&T). This is the most expensive option, but the easiest.

If you want to save some money, there are options. Of course you can find both texts online at discounted rates via several booksellers. I'll let you surf if you want to use this option. Next, there are electronic (paperless) options for both texts as well.

O'Reilly sells a PDF of the Java text for about $36. This lets you read the book anywhere you can read PDF, plus you get to copy/paste any code. It also means that you can very easily share the book with others (also known as "breaking the law") which I would strongly discourage.

Another option for the Java text is to use Safari. Safari is a third-party reseller that sells this text by making it available via an online app. Our textbook is available FOR FREE via the CU library system, but you must use the Safari reader. It won't be free unless you're connecting from a campus IP address, meaning you'll need to VPN from home to read the textbook.

The Data Structures text is a lot pricier. Again, you can find it discounted online.... much less than $126. You can also buy electronic access to it via CourseSmart. It's 180 days of access for $61.50. See here.


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