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There's no place like Joshua Tree

Joshua Tree Sunset at Josh can be quite spectacular. Joshua Tree
SW Buttress Headstone Rock Nothing like a morning climb of Headstone's classic SW Buttress (5.6). Here Professor Fred Chong of UC Davis leads the way. SW Buttress Headstone Rock
Cryptic on Headstone Ah, here I am on the classic "Cryptic" (5.8) on Headstone Rock. A very nice, if somewhat short, route.
Bayonet, Rattlesnake Canyon Spanish Bayonet (5.9), put up by Lynn Hill, requires a short hike to reach. But it's well worth the trudge into the canyon above Rattlesnake to reach this beautiful 80' finger crack.
Mental Physics, Wonderland Trip Armstrong leads up Mental Physics (5.7), a classic hand-crack in the Wonderland.

Eastside Bouldering Pix

California Eastside Camping on the Eastside, this is not an atypical view greeting you in the brisk dawn.
Happy Boulders Warmup Here's Peter Caster warming up on a V0 in his tennis shoes at the Happys. Isn't he "sassy"?
Cilley Mantle, Happy Boulders Are you sure this is the sequence? The Cilley Boulder at the Happys.
Serengeti, Happy Boulders Ryen Tarbet bails off Serengeti (V5) at the Happys (he got it next try).
Druid Stone, Bishop Jesse enjoys a quiet stroll amid the Druid Stones near Bishop. The large pillar to his left is The Druid Stone itself. Believe it or not, it has no bolts on it yet, nor should it ever contain any. But perhaps someone will not respect the sanctity of this unique boulder in this beautiful place.
Druid Stones, Bishop Here Jesse takes a stroll at the Druids, high over a bad landing with the snow-clad sierras as a backdrop.
Druid Stones, Bishop There are plenty of easy and aesthetic problems awaiting the novice at the peaceful Druid Stones. Here I am stretching it out on a warm well-featured boulder.
Druid Stones, Bishop Ok, now how do I get down?


Half Dome, Yosemite Where on Earth would you rather be?
Royal Arches, Yosemite Debby Wallach enjoys a morning climb up the classic Royal Arches.
Royal Arches, Yosemite Fred Chong follows the traverse pitch midway on the Royal Arches.

Half Dome in a Day

Half Dome, Hans Florine Hans Florine follows the pendulum on the Robbins Traverse.
Half Dome, Hans Florine Hans and I at the belay just before Thank God Ledge.
Half Dome, Hans Florine Five hours and fifty minutes later... the summit!

Red Rocks

Red Rocks, Nevada Can you believe this place isn't a national park or monument?
Beulah's Book, Red Rocks, Nevada On the first pitch of Beulah's book, Bill Wright and I cast our shadows on a warm December morning.
Yak Crack, Red Rocks, Nevada Jesse casts off on Yak Crack (11d) at the Gallery with Peter Caster belaying.


John Black, Eagle Point, Yosemite Not every trip to Yosemite ends up like I planned. Here I am at noon on the day Debby and I had made a special trip to do Serenity and Sons. The forecast had been "partly cloudy."
Jailhouse, California I just started sportclimbing this year (1999) after being a trad climber for my first nine years. Sportclimbing tends to be steep and the challenges tend to focus more on the climbing and less on finding protection.

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