The Coaches

Binesh Prasad

Binesh Prasad was born in Fiji islands on May 28, 1963. His running career did not start until he was 18 years old, however he ran internationally for his Country for 14 yrs, 1982-1996.

During these years he participated in two Commonwealth Games, 1982 Brisbane-Australia, 1986 Edinburgh-Scotland; three South Pacific Games, 1983 Western Samoa, 1987 New Caledonia, 1991 Papua New Guinea; two Mini South Pacific Games, 1985 Cook Islands, 1993 Vanuatu; two international track meets,1986 Tahiti, 1986 New Caledonia; two World Cross Country meets, 1992 Boston-USA, 1993 Bilbao-Spain; two World road relay championships, 1993 Madeira-Portugal, 1996 Denmark; two World Cup Marathons, 1987 Seoul-Korea, 1991 London-England; World half marathon, 1995 France, two Olympic Games, 1988 Seoul-Korea and 1992 Barcelona Spain.

Binesh holds the Fiji National Records in the 10,000m, half marathon and marathon. He competed in the 4x400 m relay, 800m, 1500m, 3000m steeple chase, 5000m, 10,000m, half marathon and the marathon. Binesh won medals in all of these distances for his respective Country, Fiji Islands, at various international meets.

Binesh has a lot of experience with running as he was the captain and the manager of the FIJI National teams to the two world cross country meets and the two world road relay meets. He was also the manager and the captain of the Carol Kai International bed race in Hawaii in 1986, where Fiji team won with record times.

Currently residing in Boulder, Binesh is the choice massage therapist for most of the world class athletes that live in or visit Boulder. He is also a certified acupuncturist.

Nadia Prasad

Nadia Prasad was born in France, October6, 1967 and raised in New Caledonia, a territory of France, since the age of 4. Nadia started with swimming at age 12 to overcome asthma and, after winning a road race, at age 14, became a more dedicated runner. At age 15 she not only made the New Caledonian National team, but also won two gold medals at the South Pacific Games, in Western Samoa in 1987. She was the youngest athlete at the Games.

Nadia's important record and gold medals are her husband and her four kids, however here are the rest of her achievements:

  • New Caledonia National records 800m; 1500m; 3000m; 10,000m; 1/2marathon and the marathon.
  • South Pacific Games Records: 1500m; 3000; and 10,000m.
  • Mini South Pacific Games records: 800m; 1500m;3000m and 10,000m.
  • French national record: 1/2 marathon, Paris 1996.
  • Three South pacific Games: 1983 Western Samoa 2 gold 1500m and 3000m; 1987 New Caledonia 2 gold 1 silver-1500m,3000m (gold) and 800m (silver); 1995 Tahiti 3 gold- 1500m,3000m and 10,000m.
  • Two mini South Pacific Games: 1989 Tonga 2 gold-1500m and 3000m; 1993 Vanuatu-4 gold 800m,1500m,3000m and 10,000m
    Six French Championships: 1983- 1500m 4th, 3000m gold; 1993 10,000m silver; 1994 10,000m silver; 1995 10,000m gold; 1996 marathon gold; 1996 ½ marathon gold.
  • Two world Championships for France: 1995 marathon and 1995 1/2 marathon.
  • 1996 Olympics in Atlanta - marathon
  • 1993-1994 USA Road Race circuit overall Champion

Nadia has also run many international races with lots of success. She won the Los Angeles marathon and also came in 2nd (1993) and first at the 1994 Bolder Boulder 10km. Nadia has a lot of experience in running at different distances.

Nadia is also a massage therapist and works a lot with elite athletes and kids.