The Other Attendees

All ten undergraduate students enrolled in Technology for the Community:
  Shannon Attencio, Kris Baker, Lindsay Barczuk, Ellen Hardy, Rachel Lease, Chris Nuernberger, Sarah Roberts, Tim Schniedwind, Phil Weinstein, and Linda Wikstrom
The Development Center Leadership Team:
  Liz Jessup (Technical Lead)
Roz Dauber (Nontechnical Lead)
Clayton Lewis (Administrative Lead)
Jane Obrecht (Administrative Assistant)
Graduate students from UCB:
  Cathy Brand (Computer Science)
Leo Burd (Computer Science)
Cathy Miller (Sociology)
Computer Science Faculty:
  Gitta Domik (University of Paderborn)
Tammy Sumner (UCB)
Our videographers:
  Kathy Garvin-Doxas and Lecia Barker (UCB faculty)
IWT reps:
  Shiva Ghaffari, Sara Hart, Gloria Montano, Sue Weibel