Project 1

Work Log Guidelines and Project Report Outline

Please keep a work log with a separate entry for each time your group meets. Include in your log the following items:

* Time, date, and place you met
* Who was there
* Activities you carried out at that time. Please be specific about this:

For example: how are you dividing up the work as tasks? what work did you bring to the meeting? what problems did you discuss, address, or solve? what materials did you use, and what did you do with them? what plans did you make for your next meeting?

"Our project is a cricket controlled time machine. We met Tuesday September 22 in Norlin Library from 2:00 to 4:00. Dick, Jane, & Spot were present. Dick had found some fissionable U-235 in his chemistry set, and Jane brought the lead shielding. We determined that we needed a phone booth, a time line and settable slider, and a calendar to remember when to go home. Spot and Jane worked on the worm hole stabilizer so we wouldn¼t get caught in the delta quadrant. We tried several alternatives for the worm hole stabilizer: a Cheerios box versus a Boston Baked Beans tin can and also a Quaker oatmeal box. The Cheerios box fell apart when we added water. The Baked Beans made us too flatulent. We discussed retrofit solutions to that problem but were unable to come up with any good solutions, and agreed to work on that over the rest of the week. See also alternative sketches 1a, b. and c."

Please keep in mind that this project report is an important part of the first project, and the entire project is equivalent to a mid-term exam.

Total project length 2-3 pp (500-750 words) excluding work logs and pictures.

* Abstract- one paragraph about what your automaton is and does.

* Description

* Drawings that could be used by someone else to reproduce your work

* Photographs of your automaton

* Complete work log of your group project