The Wolf's Revenge

Kevin Blithe, Anita Bowles, Bryan Loughry

The Wolf's Revenge automaton incorporates mechanical devices and physical effects in a format designed to appeal to both children and adults. The wolf, having been stymied by Practical Pig's use of bricks to construct his house, resorts to dynamite to destroy the structure. The wolf moves up and down three times pushing on a TNT detonator. On the third push, the house explodes and the viewer sees the three pigs running in terrified circles amidst the wreckage of their home.

This entire sequence is triggered by the user's turning a small crank at the side of the device. The turn of this crank operates a three-lobed cam which moves the wolf up and down. On the third crank, a circuit is closed providing a spark which ignities flashpaper hidden inside the pigs' house. The paper burns itself out and disappears. This creates a small explosion of heated air which knocks down the house walls revealing the pigs.

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