Our project is an automation of a dump-truck which moves linearly on top of a box. The system around it is designed to drop a marble in the back, which is depositited at the end of the box on a person. The marble travels down a rut and is deposited on a rising conveyer belt. The belt takes it to a tower positioned over the dumptruck (on the opposite end). Sensors on the track of the dumptruck tell when it's below the tower, opening a trap door which deposites the marble in the back for the motion to start again. The main mechanism which moves the truck is inspired by motion first described by Leonardo Da Vinci. A toothed gear moves inside a circle that has exactly twice the diameter of the gear. A point on the edge of the gear will move linearly as the gear "rolls" inside the circle. Other gears are used to translate the rotation of the gear inside the circle from the rotation of the crank, which is also used to drive the conveyor belt.