Things that Think Spring 2001


Mike Eisenberg

Glenn Blauvelt

Tom Wrensch


Ann Eisenberg


Adam Eisenberg (he rarely checks email)


Rhombi Eisenberg

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Lab Hours

Location: ECCS 127A Times: M 12:30-2:30 p.m.; W 9:30-11:30 a.m.

Extra Credit Assignment: Visit a Science Museum

Due: Tuesday, April 10

Visit a science or children's museum and write a two-page critique on some of the exhibits you saw. Please include photos if at all possible (but do not photograph children you don't know because we want to post these on the web). It is fine (and fun!) to do this in groups, but please do the reports individually.

Here are some pointers to local museums you might visit:


Science Kit Reviews

Science Exhibit Projects

Math Balance
Cafe Wall Illusion
Doppler Effect
Rolling Wheel

Automata (moving toy) Projects

Report Guidelines

Joust Sketches

Joust Report

Little Ms. Muffet Sketches

Little Ms. Muffet Report

Dump Truck Sketches

Dump Truck Report

Crank Sketches

Crank Report