Course Announcement for Fall 1998:
Computational Geometries

CSCI 7000-Section 003, call #84296
CSCI 4830-Section 003, call #84295
MW 4:00-5:15 pm; Stadium 135.

This course will be both a survey and an exploration of the ways in which computational media and geometry intersect -- we will not look at just one notion of "computational geometry", but several. In re-examining geometry as a computational discipline, we will make use of a variety of software tools, possibly including the Geometer's Sketchpad, HyperGami, and Ray Dream Designer. As such, students taking this course must be prepared to play with a variety of computational systems.

The course is offered to both undergraduates (as CSCI 4830) and graduate students (as CSCI 7000; graduate students will have somewhat more demanding assignments).

Prerequisite or Co-Requisite: Students are strongly encouraged to have taken CSCI 3104 or 5454, or an equivalent course.

Topics to be covered:
Readings include Abelson and diSessa, Turtle Geometry; Barnsley, Fractals Everywhere; Preparata and Shamos, Computational Geometry.