Computational Geometries

CSCI 7000 sec. 002/ CSCI 4830 sec. 002

Time: Monday/Wednesday 5-6:15 PM
Room: Muenzinger D430 (ICS conference room)

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Mike Eisenberg, x2-8091
Office hours: Friday 1:30-3 PM, or by appointment


Ann Eisenberg,


Adam Eisenberg


H. Abelson and A. diSessa, Turtle Geometry
M. Barnsley, Fractals Everywhere
OčRourke, Computational Geometry in C

Programming Resources

Additional readings will be assigned as the semester progresses.

This course will be both a survey and an exploration of the ways in which computational media and geometry intersect‹we will not look at just one notion of "computational geometry", but several. In re-examining geometry as a computational discipline, we will make use of a variety of software tools. As such, students taking this course must be prepared to play with a variety of computational systems.

Prerequisites (or co-requisites) for taking this course: Students are strongly encouraged to have taken CSCI 3104 or 5454, or an equivalent course.

Assignments and Grading:

There will be six problem sets in this course, and a final paper or project. The five best problem sets will each be worth 13% of the final grade, and the remaining problem set will be worth 5% of the grade. The project will be worth 25%. The remaining 5% will be determined by participation in class discussions.

The final paper or project may take a number of possible forms: it could be a survey of several related papers on a particular topic in computational geometry; it could be an original programming project; or perhaps a critique of some commercial geometric software package. These are only suggestions, and once the semester is underway you may have some other types of project ideas. Projects may be done by 2-3 students in collaboration, as well.

As a matter of policy, late assignments WILL NOT be accepted, and (except in highly unusual circumstances) incompletes will not be given at the end of the semester.

Problem Set 4 (in Acrobat pdf format)
Problem Set 5 (in Acrobat pdf format)

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