CSCI 1200: Introduction to Computing

Spring 2003

TR 12:30-1:45, ECCR 265

Professor: Mike Eisenberg
Office: ECOT 736 (Engineering Center Office Tower)
Office Hours: Friday 10:30 - noon; or by appointment

Teaching Assistants: Elizabeth White, Ying Chen
Elizabeth's office hours: Tues 2-3, Wed 9:30-10:30, Thurs 5-6 in ECCR 252
Ying's office hours: Wed 1:00-2:00, Friday 10:30-12:30 in ECCR 252

Web goddess: Ann Eisenberg



Saturday, May 3, 4:30 p.m. - 7:00 p.m., usual classroom.

4/28/03: Final exam programming review questions posted (under recitations)

4/27/03: Final exam review (programming portion) posted (under recitations)

4/24/03: Homework 5 posted (there is only a non-programming portion). Due Thursday, 5/1, 5 p.m. as HARDCOPY to Elizabeth's office or mailbox.

4/20/03: Homework 4 (non-programming portion) posted (you should have received it by email on 4/14).

4/20/03: Recitation #9 handout posted

4/16/03: Extra credit assignnment posted below, due 5/3, 4:30 p.m.

4/16/03: Axelrod reading posted in readings area -- due 4/22

4/7/03: Homework 4 handout and zip file posted -- note that it is due 4/18, not 4/11 as listed on the handout

4/6/03: Recitation #7 handout posted.

4/4/03: Braitenberg reading posted; due 4/8.




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