Cognitive Science, Fall 2003

Rough Schedule -- Subject to change. Latest update: 8/27/03

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M 8/25Intro: classical cognitive science
W 8/27The computational metaphor: complexityGardner

M 9/1No class: Labor Day
W 9/3
Classical issues in cognitive scienceMeno

M 9/8
Machine intelligence Turing/Searle
W 9/10
Problem solving/search Newell and Simon

M 9/15
Search/Intro to Neural NetsBechtel and Abrahamsen
W 9/17
Neural Nets and connectionismHinton
PS1 Due

M 9/22
Semantic nets; memorySchacter
W 9/24

M 9/29
Judgment/decision-making/probability Tversky and Kahneman
W 10/1

M 10/6
PS2 Due
W 10/8

M 10/13
Mental imageryTye
W 10/15
Mental imageryPylyshyn

M 10/20
Spatial/physical/commonsense reasoning
W 10/22
Cognitive neuroscience Gazzaniga

M 10/27
Cognitive neuroscienceSacks
PS3 Due
W 10/29
Embodied cognitionLakoff, Clark

M 11/3
Embodied cognition; animal cognition Braitenberg, Brooks
W 11/5
Infant cognitionGuest lecture by Adam Eisenberg, Age 3

M 11/10
Infant cognitionGopnik
W 11/12
Animal cognitionGuest lecture by Rhombi Eisenberg, rat terrier

M 11/17
Game theoryAxelrod
PS4 Due
W 11/19
Game theoryPinker

M 11/24
Evolutionary psychologyCosmides and Tooby
W 11/26
NO CLASS - CU is on a Friday schedule

M 12/1
LanguageGuest Lecture
W 11/26
Language acquisitionKarmiloff and Karmiloff-Smith
PS5 Due
M 12/8
Mathematical cognitionDehaene
W 12/10