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Programming Resources

In this course, you are free to implement the programming assignments in any language and on any platform you choose, though you may find that LISP and/or Scheme provide the cleanest and most straightforward way of implementing some of the recursive procedures.

SchemePaint and MacScheme

SchemePaint is a Scheme programming environment that Mike wrote on top of the MacScheme system. The SchemePaint environment (and hence the MacScheme interpreter) is available for use in this class, along with some downloadable introductory Scheme programming documents. MacScheme runs only on the Macintosh platform.

By following this link, you agree that you will NOT redistribute the software or use it for anything except educational purposes. Download SchemePaint here.

These documents are in Acrobat .pdf format. Download Acrobat Reader here.

What follows below are a few "favorite" Scheme environments (thanks, Eric Scharff!). With the exception of MacScheme, we cannot provide too much support for environment-related problems since we are not familiar with all of them. We just wanted to provide you with some different options based on different architectures you may prefer.

CS Department UNIX-based resources:

MIT Scheme version 7.3 is available for UNIX architectures supported by the cs department. Run scheme mode from GNU Emacs to use this version of Scheme; otherwise, it is installed in /tools/cs/scheme7.3/bin

Other programming resources available over the web:

From the Dr. Scheme website:

"DrScheme is an interactive, integrated, graphical environment for developing programs using the Scheme, MzScheme, and MrEd programming language. DrScheme runs under Windows 95/98/NT/2000, MacOS, and Unix/X."

"DrScheme incorporates several features including highlighting of the source of syntax and run-time errors, support for multiple language levels, an algebraic stepper, objects, modules, a GUI library, TCP/IP, and much more. It includes an extensive, hyper-linked help system called Help Desk, available from the Help menu. The tour describes many of these features in greater detail. You can enhance DrScheme with MrSpidey, a static debugger, and MysterX, which adds COM support under Windows. DrScheme Jr is a textual version of DrScheme that offers some of the benefits of DrScheme, but without development tools or graphics."

Scheme Programming Books

LISP Programming Books