Artificial Intelligence

An (approximate) schedule for this semester:

8/28Introduction to the course (RN 1)
8/30Philosophy of AI (RN 2; readings)
9/1-9/22Problem solving; search; game-playing (RN 3-5)
9/25-10/4Propositional and predicate logic; rule-based systems; planning (RN 7, 9, 10.5-10.9, 11)
10/9-10/18Reasoning under uncertainty (RN 14-15)
10/20Midterm Exam
10/23-11/6Machine learning: decision trees, neural nets, explanation-based learning, and genetic algorithms (RN 18-19, 20.8, 21.2)
11/8-11/13Game theory (readings)
11/15-11/29Vision (RN 24.1-24.6)
12/1-12/4Language (RN 23)
12/6-12/13Special topics: Artificial life, Boolean networks, tutoring systems (readings)
12/16Final Exam: 7:30 am to 10:00 am