Research Group in Computational Science and Engineering


Department of Computer Science, CU-Boulder


Computational Science and Engineering (CS&E) is one of the major research areas in the Department of Computer Science. The research focus is on the development of scalable algorithms and software for very large applications and for massively parallel computers.  In particular, we work in the following areas:


o      global optimization methods with applications in protein folding problems

o      numerical methods for partial differential equations

o      domain decomposition methods

o      constrained  and unconstrained optimization algorithms

o      high performance algorithms and software in numerical linear algebra

o      high order methods for climate modeling

o      information retrieval


Faculty and research interests:


Bradley, Elizabeth, Scientific computation and artificial intelligence; nonlinear dynamics and chaos; classical mechanics; network theory and circuit design.


Byrd, Richard, Nonlinear optimization; linear programming; numerical linear algebra; nonlinear data fitting; global optimization in molecular chemistry; parallel computing.


Cai, Xiao-Chuan, Scientific computing; parallel algorithms and software for partial differential equations.


Jessup, Elizabeth, High-performance scientific computing; numerical linear algebra; design, analysis, and implementation of serial and parallel algorithms for matrix algebra problems.


McBryan, Oliver, Heterogeneous computing; MPP benchmarking and performance evaluation; parallel compilation and transformation tools; scalable networking; scalable runtime support for MPP systems.


Schnabel, Bobby, Numerical optimization; solution of systems of nonlinear equations; nonlinear least squares; parallel numerical languages and tools; parallel algorithms; applications of optimization to molecular chemistry.


Tufo, Henry, High-performance scientific computing; scalable multilevel solvers; lightweight software tools; immersive visualization.



Other research groups in CS&E in Boulder and at the University of Colorado:


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Center for Computational Mathematics, CU-Denver


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