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Senior Project Students by Name - W

by Name by Class
Wainwright, JosephNomadA Transport Layer Protocol Decoder
Walker, BrianBREWX Window System Based Image Display Utility
Walker, HyunjooS.O.S.User Service Request and Tracking System
Wally, MichaelWebDynamoO3D-Based 3D Web Game Engine
Walsh, PatrickPSSPsychology Department Senior Assessment Survey
Walsh, RobertBOASBoas On A Satellite: A Satellite Task Scheduler
Walter, MichaelSINBADSignature Based Anomaly Detection
Walton, MirandaMindTouchComputer Assistant for a Person with Autism
Wang, DongboVRRBA Videogame for Psychological Research into Race Bias
Wang, JiminJIMMOInstant Messaging System
Wang, YeWeaseldorffChampionship Rummy for Handheld Devices
Warshal, MarkSquashAccess and Conversion of Large Data Sets
Washburn, KirkYouNeverNOAAOTIS: Operational Text Inspection Subsystem
Waterland, MoriahANDaCon-daAutomated Network Discovery and Configuration
Waterman, AlexanderGLOVeGlobal Data Visualization Tool
Wathen, DavidWINGAn Interactive Window Interface to NCAR Graphics Libraries
Watkins, NathanielRachSolidJava-Based Piano Tutor
Watts, JamesonWebucateEducation over the Web
Watts, William(3)NetNetwork Monitoring Extension
Wavell, Rufus (Bindu)IDEAA Generalized Driver Framework for Building Automation Systems
Waxler, RyanOPUS IAutomatic Call Distribution Notification and Screen Popping for Hotel Reservations
Weaver, ChristopherFUBARSilicon Validation Execution Code
Webster, ChristopherNETWITX Windows Interface to Network Management and Analysis Tools
Wegerson, WilliamCyklopsAdvanced Image Processing Utilities
Weibel, JudieStylus33D Paint Application for a 3D Graphics Animation System
Weinberg, JoshuaDEWEYGraphical Interface for an Adaptive Ultrasonic Imaging System
Wells, DanielXCOEDX Window System Colormap Editor
Wells, JasonWebSPANAn Automated World Wide Web Site for Photo Ad
Wendel, DouglasDestiny M&MDistributed Lunar Image Analysis System
Wertman, NathanANDaCon-daAutomated Network Discovery and Configuration
Wertz, ChristophViCoTA Graphical User Interface for the Configuration of HP OpenView
West, KennethJanovaJava-Based Jiro Management Console
Westcott, John IVFrame Logic 2.0Retail Picture Framing and Art Gallery Point of Sale System
Westmaas, GabrielLongviewWindows Vista/WinFX Screen Recording
Whaley, BenjaminsplatTCP/IP Based JavaScript Debugger
White, GeoffreyRADWebWeb Portal Creation and Management System
Wickline, MartinSatisTraktionSpacecraft Status Visualization
Wiener, ErikMOLDOnline Documentor's Workbench
Wilcox, BrycepurplePGP 6.0 Command Line for UNIX
Wilcox, SethRhea's AimAutomated Human Resources Employee Management System
Wild, JasonSORIStarOffice-Based Requirements Management
Wilkinson, DrewOsirisVirtual Archaeological Dig
Wilklow, ColetteSPIDERLow-Cost Robotic Control System
Willard, HeatherBankshotChampionship Pool for Handheld Devices
Willett, WesleyLongviewWindows Vista/WinFX Screen Recording
Williams, Blanford Jr.AceDistributed Application to Track Sales and Support Tickets
Williams, StevenskynetSoftware for an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
Williamson, ChristopherCaeSaRImage Cartoonization and Feature Recognition
Wilmsen, JamesPulseX Window System Protocol Performance Monitor
Wilsher, ThomasVISTATerrain Data Visualizer
Wilson, JacobMoBrow3D3D Model Viewer/Converter
Wilson, RodgerchaiA Java-Based SNMP Command Layer
Wing, RyanROCKVIEWROCK Knowledge Base-to-POSTSCRIPT Conversion Utility
Winkler, MalteUMCDistributed Wiring Harness Communications Framework
Wise, BrianJIMMOInstant Messaging System
Wisnesky, JacobLaspView3D Simulation for Satellite Flight Control
Witman, DebraSHOGuNOnline Sales Tool for Order Creation
Wolff, KristopherMountain Climbing PotatoWeb Site Thumbnail Generator
Womack, JasonPeleAutomated Liquid State Machine Test Environment
Wonders, WarrenStrangeBREWBREW-Based Cell Phone Simulation Game
Wood, ChristopherIsle ProwessA Wireless Point of Sale System
Wood, DavidANDROLLROCK Knowledge Base Viewer
Wood, JameyTurnAboutA Multi-Player Network Game of Medieval Conquest
Woods, Alexander (Alex)LaspView3D Simulation for Satellite Flight Control
Worfolk, KeithWINGAn Interactive Window Interface to NCAR Graphics Libraries
Wray, VirginiaGene PoolWeb-Based Interface for Accessing Genomics Data
Wu, DeeXCOEDX Window System Colormap Editor
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